The Best Cleaning Tips For Your Ugg Boots

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The Best Cleaning Tips For Your Ugg Boots

Many people like following the latest fashionable trends, and look modern. Nowadays, the reason why people wear Uggs is a bit different from the past days. Before these Australian boots were commonly worn by sheep shearers for their added warmth over the regular footwear.


Now, Uggs are worn because they are fashionable and look good. Even though their maintenance is really important in order to look good and be protected from any damages. Some people decide to use the local dry cleaning services and get their Uggs cleaned up, while others prefer saving money and do the cleaning by themselves.


And here are the best cleaning tips for your Ugg boots:


1.By using a wet sponge apply your cleaning solution (a mixture of 50% solution and 50% water) on the boots. You do not try to soak the boots or to scrub the sheepskin, you can harm the material. Just gently wipe and dab the stained area on the Uggs. If this does not help and after cleaning you find the stain there, you better take them to dry cleaning, where some professional cleaning company such as my London cleaner will clean the Uggs and make them looking new.

2. Wipe the boots with a cloth dampened with cold water so that you get the residues of the dirt and solution off the boots. By using a clean sponge, gently rinse them.

3. Put paper towels in the boots and leave them on the balcony to naturally get dry. It will not be so good if you put the boots close to strong heat to dry or directly into a dryer. This would be very bad and they even might be ruined. The best you can do is to let the boots naturally get dry.


4. So once they have absolutely dried, you can brush them, using a suede brush. Be careful when brushing and do not go too hard and keep brushing on one direction. This will help the nap of the sheepskin to raise again and start looking new as well. You can find suede brush in every store for suede items or again at the store , where you have bought the boots. When buying a suede brush make sure it is soft, so you prevent the Uggs from any harm.


Of course you can use the services of any local London cleaning agencies, to get your Uggs effectively cleaned up, in case you don't want to do the cleaning by yourself. You can check if any of the local agencies offer such cleaning services, by visiting their official websites.

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