The Best Air Fresheners are the Hand Made Ones

Posted on May 16 2012 at 12:52:36 AM in How-To

As you well know bad odours at home and the office spaces are one of the main reasons we buy air fresheners. We simply can't stand that stench. Unfortunately the commercials are right, at least for the part, where they say that the air fresheners are capable of masking the bad odours and replace them with a better one. Unfortunately you may do more damage than good while sing one.

The main problem with the air fresheners is that they are all toxic. Surely, they will not harm you in small amounts, or if you let them kill the smell, and ventilate afterwards, but you could ventilate any way. Why use them ?

Fast results are a very tempting option, and knowing that immediately after you spray some in the air you will breathe in some fresh smell of roses, makes you feel good. Unfortunately, along with the artificial smell of roses, you will also inhale a vast set of chemicals, which are poisonous to you. This is why, even professional cleaners in service advise people to try and avoid the commercial air fresheners. Especially the spray type.

There are ways to freshen up your residence without exposing yourself to a long term health injury. One of the things you can do is to simply open all windows, creating an air flow, to remove the bad odours. If the source of the smell is in the room I suggest you remove it. There is no point, as you know, in dealing with the symptoms, if the underlying problem still exists.
Also, you can make your own air freshener. It really is simple. And it doesn't require any special knowledge. The simplest recipe is simply mixing 200 ml of lemon juice with a litre of water, shaking, and then putting into a sprinkler bottle. This should keep the air smell fresh and the odours at bay.

If you prefer a solid air freshener, you can make one of simple gelatine. Fill half a cup with water and heat it up, just until boiling. Then put 2 packets of gelatine into it and stir up. Then fill the other half of the cup with water, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, to give it the odour and stir again. Put it in the fridge for 2 hours and voila – you have yourself a nice new air freshener. London cleaners say that this is the best way to deal with odours. And there is no need for expensive and harmful commercial cleaners.

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