The Award-winning BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar

Posted on Jan 22 2013 at 09:02:26 AM in Fitness

The Award-winning BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar

When asked about the cons of meal replacement bars, the usual answers are that people are not sure if the bars are really healthy, or if the vitamins and minerals on the label are exactly as indicated. Some are turned off by the price, and some express that they do not really feel full after taking them. However, there is always the complaint that meal replacement bars are not delicious at all. All these issues and worries are taken cared of with the new BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar. In fact, people agree that it simply tastes great.


Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN) has been supplying the market with great products since 2001. It has created a serious following over the years, and in fact, the 35 sports nutrition awards it has garnered in the last six years give testament to its dedication and products. The Syntha-6 line of products received a great boost and welcome with the BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar. This meal replacement bar is a great addition to the Syntha-6 protein powder and ready-to-drink protein beverage.


Meal replacement bars are quick to take and portable. However, the BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar is simply much more. The 95-gram bar contains 350 calories, and 30 grams of it is protein. It also supplies some other essentials, such as fat, carbohydrates, a little fiber and salts to help get a person through the day. All the ingredients are clearly shown in the labels, including those that are possible allergens to some individuals. For people trying to lose weight, they can easily plan their calorie intake with this meal replacement bar. They would not have to skip meals, which can be more disastrous in effect.


Meal replacement bars are not only designed to cure hunger pangs. For people who are building muscles and those into sports, they are essential to performing well. The BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar can be used as fuel before a workout. Each person is different, not only in terms of metabolism, but also in his or her exercise needs and purpose. However, most will agree that it is not ideal to exercise on full stomach. Some people experience cramping, nausea, or other types of discomfort. What is important is having enough carbohydrates as an energy source for the exercise.


Aside from being a good source of fuel for a pre-workout, meal replacement bars also play an important role in post workouts. Food after a workout is critically important for the athlete’s comfort, recovery, and performance for the next exercise session. BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar contains 30 grams of protein and also vitamin A, calcium, and iron. People who have taken it observed good recovery in their workout. They were able to regain strength quickly after a strenuous workout and build noticeable muscle mass, taking it together with their other nutrition regimen.


As mentioned earlier, people who have tasted meal replacement bars are not particularly fond of their taste or their texture. In contrast, the BSN Syntha-6 Decadence Bar, in three different flavors, has been received particularly well because of its taste. The Chocolate Caramel Pretzel, Cookies N Cream, and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavors received great reviews. There were none of the bad after taste or the weird gummy texture complaints. People just love it, and it might be one of the reasons why it was voted by in its annual Supplement Awards as the 2012 Protein Bar of the Year.


Meal replacement bars are now common in not only health food stores or the gym, but also in supermarkets and grocery stores, and you can get them cheaply with Vitamin Shoppe offers. They are good alternatives to meals for some people, much better than skipping a meal or eating a much larger portion than needed. Some bars are better than others are, and Syntha-6 Decadence Bar from BSN is one of, if not the best, meal replacement bar for those with high protein needs.

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