The Art Of Letting Go

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The Art Of Letting Go

Different people have different perspectives in life. To some the most important thing in life could be money, materialistic things, a car, their career or a house. But to some it is interpersonal relationships that are the most important thing in life. Finding the right partner, with whom you can spend the rest of your life or with someone whom can bare all the feelings of your heart without the fear of being judged. It is a feeling of being complete; you begin to look forward to living life and your dreams with your partner.

Life is not a book

We have been bought up hearing stories that end with" And they lived happily every after". But not all stories have such an ending. There are times when you have to break up with someone with whom you had seen dreams of spending your life with. Going through a break up is one of the worst phases of our lives; it leaves a person feeling low and dejected in life. We tend to lose all trust and belief in relationships and from life in particular. However, the pain is more severe when a person loses their partner to death due to an accident or disease or just natural death. It leaves a void in the lives of the partner left behind, a void that no one can fill. When we lose someone we lose we are left confused and unable to decide as to what we would like to do next. Along with them goes our ability to think straight and get on with life.

Type of loss

The loss of a person can not be defined in simple words. The pain that a person goes through when they break up in a relationship is something that only they can experience and feel. But the loss of a partner to death is more painful as we have no hope of seeing them even again. When we go through a break up we still pin up to hopes that we can work things out and get back together. It is very important to be able to let go of the person whom we have lost in order to be able to move on life. It is easier said than done, but it is an important step to be taken as soon as we can get ourselves to do it. Life does not stop after someone leaves us and goes away, we still have to learn how to live our lives without them being physically present.

Keep a positive approach

So how should we get ourselves to let go of the earlier thoughts, memories and happy times and move on? It is very important to first get a grip of all the emotions that are going on within us. It is essential to speak to people around you and let your emotions out; by doing this you would feel much lighter and clearer. We cannot live our entire lives sulking and grieving over someone's loss all our lives as we need to remember that we are still alive and we need to take care of ourselves in order to let people around us be less worried about us. When we go through a break-up we tend to become negative in our approach towards lives. It is important to get rid of these negative feelings and try to look at life with a little more positive approach.

Let go of old memories

Old postcards, photographs, love notes will only make life more miserable. Stack all these away from yourself. Pack all these things from the past and let them remain in your past; don't carry them into your future if you want to have a happy life. Dwelling in the past will only make you more sad and weak.


Loneliness is a feeling that we need to get to deal with first. The exit of your loved one leaves you alone and therefore it is important to spend quality times with your family and friends and gather Positivity from them. You will not be lonely anymore if you meet your friends and keep in constant touch with your family. Life is too ling to be lived all alone, so we should look to get ourselves back to track.

Get back on track

As they always say whatever happens, happens for the best. Maybe God has something better in store for us. Love is something that can happen anywhere and anytime, when we least expect it. A break-up should not change our approach towards any future relationships. It is important to give yourself another chance of being happy. Never judge the new partner with your ex. Keeping the two separate would lead to a healthy relationship.

The day we decide and start working on letting go of our past, we will be able to see life in a new light. Life would again seem bright and worth living. Never let a break up or the loss of someone break your inner strength and faith in life. Get up with each step that you falter and be more cautious before you take the next one and you would be able to live a happy life yet again. Here's a techniques on how to forget your ex in 24hrs..or go straight to

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