The Amish Bonnet, Part One

Posted on Oct 10 2011 at 07:19:01 PM in Books

What is Bonnet Fiction?


Bonnet fiction is slang, if you will, for the popular inspirational romance sub-genre known as Amish fiction. Mennonite fiction also falls in this category. While it is considered Christian fiction, bonnet fiction crosses over into the secular market, too. Writers are incorporating it into various genres.


Since the Amish and Mennonite women wear prayer caps, a prayer bonnet is usually visible somewhere on the novel's cover, easily designating it as a bonnet fiction.


Why is it so popular? Several reasons:


 ...It is a safe read, expected to be G-rated, or at least PG.


...For the curiosity factor, which is usually the attraction in the secular market.


...For returning readers, it is the simplistic lifestyle, so refreshing in modern day's fast pace. It supports family, holistic living, and high work ethics.


...For heroic characters who stand firm in their beliefs, not giving in to the pull of compromise.


There are many ways that bonnet fiction entertains and appeals to women who would like to believe in simple pleasures and happy endings. These novels usually have some common sense take-aways that have become buried under technology. It's a joy when such a treasure is unearthed again and brought to life.


I would love to receive your comments on why you read bonnet fiction.


(My next post deals with why the prayer cap is worn.)

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