The Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

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The Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

The advantages of raised garden beds are numerous. Not the least of which is reduced bending and squatting. They can be a lot easier on your back than the traditional gardens.

The height of the bed is entirely up to you. Older individuals who have a great deal of difficulty getting down on the ground enjoy a very high bed. The only thing to consider is the amount of soil you will need; the taller the bed, the more soil.

When placed strategically, the beds can create a decorative garden design, whether you are planting flowers, herbs or vegetables. They can be stacked in various ways to create a unique appearance or to take advantage of a limited amount of space.

There is the advantage of having better control of the soil. If you work with the soil that you have, it is necessary to till in compost and fertilizer to enrich the soil. In elevated beds, you can use soil that has already been mixed to ensure it is rich enough for any type of plant.

You also have more control over weeds. In the most effective weed-control designs, the sod is removed, leaving bare dirt behind. Landscaping fabric is placed on top of the dirt. It allows moisture to drain from the bed, but limits the weed growth.

If moles or other burrowing creatures are a concern, a wire mesh can be placed beneath or on top of the landscaping fabric. Gravel can also be used to encourage drainage and to discourage weeds and burrowing pests.

The raised design also allows you to plant vegetables more closely together. This is another space-saving advantage and it also inhibits weed growth.

The build-it-yourself boxes can be combined with other decorative containers. You can re-use materials from around the house, just as long as you are sure they do not contain toxins.

Once you understand the advantages, you will be ready to come up with a plan for your gardens. When you are planning your garden design, deciding on what type of building materials to use is the first step.

Cedar and redwood are among the most popular choices, because they are naturally weather resistant. Treated wood contains toxins that seep into the soil and get on the vegetables. The toxins can be health hazards. So, you probably don’t want to use decking materials.

People who have raised garden beds truly enjoy them. Once the construction phase is completed, they are very low maintenance.

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