The Accidental Teacher: One line, three days and welcome to the program!

Posted on Dec 20 2012 at 07:19:02 PM in Higher Education

The line was long. Not around the corner long. More like around the corner and out into the parking lot long. I had just received my CBEST results and the two week long strike finally ended so I went down to The District to apply to be a substitute. That would allow me more time to volunteer at my church. I figured I would be done by lunch. After three hours in line and just getting a view of the front door, I was seriously thinking about coming back another day. But, by that time it had become more of a quest than just applying for a job. So I hung in there. We hadn’t quite reached the state of delirium yet so no one was really in a talking mood. Just before lunchtime I made it to the front. No one had been able to confirm for me that this was actually the line to apply to become a substitute. When I asked the lady a the first desk, she said, “No, this is the line to apply for the District Internship Program. Next week is for substitutes.” I almost screamed. But, the nice lady asked to see my paperwork. She suggested I apply for the program. If they hired me I could teach with an emergency credential and then take the NTE (National Teachers Exam). Plus, I would get full benefits right away. I figured I had stood in line for three plus hours already, so why not spend a few more minutes filling out the rest of the paper work. God works in mysterious ways. Three day later I stepped out of the building a District Intern. One week of training and two weeks later I was teaching my very first class.

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