The 3 Most Important Tips To Massively Improve Your Golf Game

Posted on Aug 30 2011 at 05:49:16 AM in Other Sports

It doesn’t matter if you are a good player or a newbie, you can always improve your level and all you need is a few tips, some practice, patience and a lot more practice. So here are the 7 most important tips that will bring you to the next level so fast that your friends will think you have spend a week with Tiger Woods coaching you personally.

1. You must keep a neutral grip; and this by far one the most important thing in golf. The way you hold your grip whether you hold it too loose or to tight will give your ball a very slim chance of traveling straight. Your hands will connect the club to your arms without modifying your swing. This is very crucial and it’s something you that you can practice from anywhere.

2. You must have a great posture; if you don’t evaluate your posture you will have a weak game, your chest should be dropped, not due to slouching over but because your pelvis is tilted upward. Everytime you play, you should become more conscious of your posture.

3. You must keep your balance: and one of the secrets most golf masters do is yoga, it’s also very good way to improve your mental game and your posture. You don’t have to take classes, all you need is to practice a few positions for a a few minutes every day.

Golf tips will only get you so far, all you need is practice and a great way to to that is to spend your holidays and their are many UK Golf hotels that will enable you to be in the perfect environment for that.

The Thorpe park hotel is one of the most prestigious place where you will be able to improve your game massively in just a few days.

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