The 10 Most Safest Country in the World to Live

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Do we live in a safe country? To know more about a country's safety read through the article. Global Peace Index(GPI) takes into consideration 23 indicators to assess the peace index of a country. Some of the indicators are number of external and internal conflicts fought, potential for terrorist attacks, level of violent crime, relations with neighboring countries..etc.,. The survey was conducted on 144 countries from the world and the GPI for the year 2009 is shown in the table below. 


The table shows that New Zealand is the safest country in the world to live in and the least safest or dangerous being Iraq. Both, Norway and Denmark, are placed second in the table and they score very well in human rights and political stability. They also have the lowest scores on gender inequality. The lower the score, the more safer the country is. Iceland has got good scores in literacy and civil liberties while Austria gets fifth position due to its good score in democracy and education. Sweden is placed next in the rankings and the Scandinavian countries' scores are more or less similar in all areas.
Countries like Afghanistan and Iraq have bad scores in deaths resulting from conflicts, political instability, adult literacy rate, infant mortality rate, life expectancy..etc., In fact, the GPI indicates that the world is becoming less peaceful. If this trend continues then no country will be safer to live. So, what could be the solution for this problem? Here are some of the ways that have been suggested by UN to hold peace in the world  1) to reject violence, 2) prevent conflicts by addressing root causes, and 3) solving problems through dialogue and negotiation. Each individual can contribute towards world peace in many ways such as respecting the fundamental rights, showing no discrimination, casting vote to form a good government...etc.,. So as individuals let us do our duty and make this world a better place to live for the future generations to come.


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