Teen Depression Causes Recognized

Posted on Apr 20 2012 at 04:26:38 PM in Medicine

Teen Depression Causes Recognized

Children who have depression often do not let their parents know that they are suffering from one of the most debilitating illness, according to surveys.  Men and women experiencing sadness is a normal occurrence but to have this emotion for prolonged periods may drive a person desperate that would eventually lead to taking one’s own life. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has even identified suicide as part of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. However, researchers are trying to find out ifrelaxation techniques help a person to develop a positive outlook.  

According to the data on the prevalence of depression, these ages (children and adolescents) have the most number of cases of depression by the NIMH.  The developments regarding the improvements in the recent years were not made as a means to have more patients but as a way to dispel any negative thinking by most patients because there are still those who consider people with mental disability as losers.  Treating people of their mental illnesses have required  people to see pass through the social stigma and misconceptions of their illness first.  With the aim to understand people suffering from mood disorders, a study entitled “Stigmatization of People with Mental Illnesses” by the Royal College of Psychiatry published their reports stating that the 16-19 year old participants have the most people who have negative thoughts on mental problems. 


There are many teens who have suffered because they were not accepted by the majority, so they were treated as an outcast which clearly shows the kind of social environment teens nowadays are exposed to.  It may be a difficult hurdle to face but alongside with parents who want nothing but the best for their children, these teens may have enough strength to conquer depression day by day. Teenagers often keep things to themselves because they are either afraid of the parents’ reaction or embarrassed and unsure on how they will talk to their parents.  An open communication needs to be maintained by parents, most psychologists believe. Teens with problems at school due to bullying or difficulty of meeting academic requirements often succumb to these severe low moods. Depression also thrives in people with low self-esteem and with those having problems on substance abuse. As a means of escape, these teens spend most of their time online or trying out dangerous activities.  There are several treatment options that may be used to help depressed teens and their parents may give the needed support for this road to recovery. 

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