Tebow vs Sanchez: Jets the Loser

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Tebow vs Sanchez:  Jets the Loser
Tebow vs Sanchez: Jets the Loser Mark Sanchez enters his 4th season as a New York Jet, having improved his completion %, yardage, and TD totals each season. His improvement is relative to just how much improvement was needed. Mark's stat line last season reads like this: 56.7% completion rate, 3,474 yards, 26 TDs with 18 INTs, adding 103 rush yards and 6 rushing TDs. This equates to a 78.2 passer rating, 23rd overall. Mark led the NY Jets to an 8-8 record in 2011.

The Jets must have been concerned, as they went after a quarterback via a trade with the Denver Broncos, signing Tim Tebow in exchange for a 4th round pick in the 2013 draft. And, with that.. Tebow-Mania hit the Big Apple. Tim only started 14 games in 2011, doing the math, I projected his passing yardage totals for 16 games to 1,976 yards. Tim would have rushed for 755 yards over 16 games. His projected TD total for 2011 is 21, passer rating of 72.9.

Anyone else left scratching their head? These dudes are not only average to below average NFL quarterbacks, Tim and Mark live polar opposite lifestyles. Tebow is an evangelist, potentially a virgin, lives a godly, god-fearing life. A life I certainly respect. Sanchez has been romantically linked with Kate Upton, Hayden Panettiere and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. I'm guessing, Mark made it past first base with these ladies.. A life I certainly envy. The two QBs live in stark contrast of one another. What's that like in the locker room? As Tebow sings hymns, praises the lord and gives adoration to Jesus, Sanchez is dialing up a Victoria Secret model, making condom purchases, and scoring something other than touchdowns. Performing poorly as NFL quarterbacks might be the only commonality the two share.

I don't understand all the media attention heaped on the former Gator star. ESPN practically moved into the Jets training camp. No doubt Tim Tebow was one of the best college football players ever, his game just doesn't or hasn't translated to the NFL. Sure.. he had a nice run of wins last season, but a team led by Tebow can only achieve so much. Super Bowl victories are outside of that achievement line. My sentiments regarding Mark Sanchez are similar. Differently, I see Sanchez as a QB with NFL potential, whether he can reach it remains the question. If Mark is going to make the quantum leap to elite, he must do it this season....and, because the Jets made the poor decision to add Media Tim, Mark must be much improved immediately. If he fails to start quickly, the Tebow faithful will call for the hook. Jets coaches won't let Fireman Ed determine their starter, but the lamenting for Tebow will impact Mark Sanchez's psyche.

Team chemistry is as important as talent, just ask the "Dream Team" Eagles, after last season's struggles. The mix is a strange one in New York, leaving me to ask if dividing the fanbase, the locker room, and the season wins at 8-8 were the goals of the New York Jets for the 2012 season, they may have succeeded.  If the goals include winning seasons and potential Super Bowl Championships.. Jets the losers.  Bring back Ken O'Brien or Richard Todd!  Might give the Jets a better opportunity to win something other than ESPN's media attention.

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