Teaching Lend and Borrow

Posted on Nov 29 2011 at 09:37:47 PM in Money

Teaching Lend and Borrow.

I make a list of objects on the board and ask students if they would be prepared to lend them to someone special, to someone they don't know very well, or if they wouldn't ever lend the object to anyone. Give reasons.

Your toothbrush
Your umbrella
A book you read and loved
Your mobile phone
Your car
Your boyfriend (joke!)
Your notes on a topic for exam preparation (they are the result of many hours of hard work!)
Your camera
Your favourite outfit

I use "would you...?" and "can I...?" questions. Students are asked to complete the structure using borrow and lend + noun, then take turns using the structures with a partner. After this, I get students to generate the rule for using "borrow" and "lend"; i.e. borrow - to take, lend - to give.

Read more at http://www.eslbase.com/grammar/lend-borrow


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