Targeting the Right Keywords for an Effective Online Advertising Campaign

Posted on Oct 20 2010 at 10:59:57 PM in SEO

Many successful businessmen in the real world are now shifting to a different level of promoting their business, and that is through online marketing or online advertisements. However, physical marketing is very different from online marketing as they have different means of promoting the business.

You may be very well adept in promoting your business in the physical sense but when it comes to online business, your efforts won't even be recognized if you do not know the proper techniques to make your website visible in search engines, and for it to land on the first page of search engine results.
You may have already heard that in order for your website to be visible, you have to optimize. But before optimizing your website, there's one important thing that you should also keep in mind - choosing the right set of keywords.
Online advertisers often commit the mistake of optimizing their website without first considering the keywords to use and its relevance to their website content and target customers; thus, most of them keep wondering why traffic on their website is not improving after exerting countless efforts to optimize its content.
Keyword research is most likely the most important part of all SEO activities and it is also one of the most important steps that you will take once you start to optimize your website. For this reason, you need a keyword research tool, like KeywordSpy, which will guide and help you in getting the relevant and right set of keywords for your campaign.
KeywordSpy will not only tell you the keywords that your competitors are using in their PPC advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords but will also allow you to see which among those keywords are profitable. From there, you can already determine the keywords that you will use in your campaign.
Simply put, KeywordSpy allows you to gather keyword intelligence not just for your PPC advertising campaigns but for your Search Engine Optimization strategies as well. The Organic data for KeywordSpy results allows you to gather competitor information using related keywords in their website content. PPC information can also be applied in SEO by gathering keyword information that is working for PPC ads and adopting them to your website's content with reduced cost in your online marketing.
After having access to the best keyword tool that will help you with your research, you are now ready to select the right set of keywords for your campaign.
Here is a five item guide you can use in selecting the right keywords for maximum results: 
1. Make a list. The first list you should create should be as broad as possible. Tap people that are involved in your business. Think of all possible keywords that are related to your product or service.
2. Refine your list. This is much difficult than making the first list, but this will zoom you right in the money-making keywords. Narrow down your choices from around 400 terms then continue narrowing down to around 80-100. Try using the keywords yourself to find out what pages will be returned. This will help you a lot in deciding which terms are relevant to your campaign.
3. Run a pilot test. You may want to do this by signing up for free blogging pages or you may directly post on your business website. Post your keyword optimized articles then perform targeted keyword search after a week or two. This will return valuable information as to whether you are using the right keyword and/or keyword combination for your published articles.
4. Analyze top ranking pages. After running your pilot test, it is imperative that you perform a comparative analysis of your website content versus your competitor?s content, preferably those that have high rankings in targeted keyword search results.
5. Integrate results. Lastly, integrate results of your comparative analysis with your own keyword campaign. Doing this technically brings you back to step no. 2 which asks you to refine your list. Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process; hence any process workflow will tend to be cyclical in nature.
There is the five item guide for researching the right keywords for your website. Your guide terms are List, List, Test, Analyze, and Integrate. Following the process outlined above will surely make things easier for you to come up with an effective SEO campaign.


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