Taking desperate measures

Posted on Dec 20 2012 at 09:09:03 PM in News & Media

Why?  After the tragedy that hit Sandy Hook Elementary School many people are asking the question, "Why?"  The Sunday Night Blog asks this question too: https://rjptalk.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/taking-desperate-measures/  What is is in someone that can drive him to such deperate measures?  What kind of anger or dispair can creep into someone's life that would cause him to take the lives of 20 children and 6 other adults as well as his own life?  While the nation debates gun control and the fiscal cliff as the top national priorities, will anyone ever look to find the answer to the question that really pains our spirits, "Why?"  As the government looks at measures to tighten controls on guns, particularly assault weapons, it also endeavors to reduce or cut off funds for social programs designed to help troubled people.  Is that really wise?  Our blog author thinks not. 

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