Taking Care While Signing Up For Online Surveys

Posted on Dec 3 2012 at 05:13:19 AM in B2B

Taking Care While Signing Up For Online Surveys

Online survey has emerged as one of the most effective ways to predict a particular market prior to launching a product. There is a wide range of companies that are willing to spend a huge amount of their profit in market intelligence. Prior to these companies were assessing the performance of their products indirectly taking the assistance of third party vendors. However, with the advent of Internet and social media it has become very easy for brands and companies to tap the customers directly without going here and there.

Market research is an art that utilizes technology and scientific approach as tools to get the exact picture of the market. It is not just blasting messages and questionnaires to panelists and members rather it is a well planned strategy to determine what customers are thinking about their products and services, what are the lacunae in the success of the business and how acceptable they are as a company to customers and prospects. With this article we have come-up with some thoughts and signs that would help people determine the credibility and authority of a market research and online survey company.

Start off by choosing a high quality survey panel:  Those survey panels that start off with bombardment of surveys to panelists is not the best one rather it is a clear cut indication that the company is not a professional one and has put no strategy in place to ensure an effective and robust market research campaign. Developing questionnaire and putting them to appropriate and targeted participant is not a cake walk, it requires a lot of meticulous analysis and in-depth knowledge of the market. Every survey is different in its nature and principles. The survey may be intended for targeting different strata of the society hence it is important to prepare questionnaire that could meet goals of your research most.

Provide accurate address information when registering for a survey panel: Every panel company for market research should ensure that individuals that are participating in their survey is human and meets the credentials they are looking for. Hence, it is important to gather adequate information about the panelist and participant right at the time of signing up. The name of the person, his designation, his capacity in a company, his total income and expenditure, total number of members in his family and his decision making ability.
Do not pick and choose your survey participation based on awards: While on the one hand it is important to check the credentials at the same time it is important for participants and panelists to choose online survey that fits them most and they should not run for rewards and money.


Take your time when completing surveys: Participants and panelists need to take their enough time prior to participating. Companies are looking for genuine, credible and honest answers for their products and they are willing to pay for your genuine answers. So, take your time, analyze the survey and only then participate.


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