Taking A Short Break In The United Kingdom

Posted on Oct 31 2011 at 12:11:05 PM in Travel

If you are thinking of taking a short break in the United Kingdom, then here are my top tips for how to get the most from your brief stay in this wonderful country:

1. Take a trip to Scotland. Here you could walking in Cairngorms National Park, go on a whisky tasting tour or enjoy a spa break. Spa breaks in Scotland are renowned for being exceptionally refreshing and revitalising due to the high mineral content of the waters that flow down from the Highlands, many of which are even naturally carbonated. The nation is also famed for its production of whisky and you will find a distillery in each area brewing its own unique brand of single malt. My personal favourite is the single malt produced at the Glenfiddich distillery, which is matured for twelve years in port-soaked oak barrels giving it a sweetness that ideally complements the whisky’s naturally bitter chords and tones.

2. Go to a football match. The United Kingdom is world renowned for its football obsession, meaning that going to a game is an ideal way to begin to understand the country’s culture. If you are in London then go to an Arsenal game at the Emirates stadium as Arsene Wenger’s men play a very attractive passing style of football, or if you are further north then head for Old Trafford to watch a Manchester United game as the reigning champions also play fantastic attacking football.

3. Go on a golfing tour of the country. There are fantastic courses and ranges all over England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, many of which wind through exceptionally beautiful countryside. You can also get deals on a UK golf hotel by booking well in advance and online, so make sure that you do so to save yourself hassle and money.

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