Taking A Holiday In The United Kingdom

Posted on Oct 26 2011 at 12:16:45 PM in Travel

If you are planning a visit to the United Kingdom, then where you head for is going to depend on the company that you are travelling with. The key question is whether you have children with you or not. If you don’t then you have myriad options available to you with regards to where to visit. I would suggest first heading for Brighton as this seaside city offers everything you need for having a great holiday, as long as you don’t have the kids with you.

Where you stay in the city will depend on what kind of budget you have. If you are looking to holiday on a shoe-string then I would recommend that you head for St James’ Street to the east of the city where you will find dozens of bed and breakfasts offering discounted accommodation with seaside views. If you have a bit more cash to splash then have a look online at the various deals that you can get on four and five star hotels in the city. A great way to do this is using lastminute.com’s ‘Secret Hotel’ deal, whereby you specify which city you want to stay in but don’t know anything about the hotel except that you only pay around thirty per cent of the actually price because the hotel is selling spare rooms at the last minute, and that it will be situated in the general area in which you wish to stay. Brighton in general offers everything you might possibly want to have involved in your hedonistic mini-break by the sea.

If you have kids with you however, your options are going to be more limited. I would suggest that you take them to one of the United Kingdom’s many theme parks as these are situated all over the country and offer entertainment for the entire family. You can also get deals on a Thorpe park hotel or on Blackpool Pleasure Beach hotels by having a look online at the various discounts that are available if you are willing to book well in advance and over the internet.

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