Taco Pizza. A Great Meal for Super Bowl or Week Night

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Taco Pizza. A Great Meal for Super Bowl or Week Night

Pizza is a favorite of people young and old. It may not even resemble a true Italian pizza, particularly when it is made into Hawaiian style or a dessert with chocolate. We all recognize pizza, regardless of what toppings are used, and this idea is just one more among many others.


This pizza uses simple ingredients we often have on hand, making it great for a week night supper. The ease of assembly makes it a great party idea also. Just as everyone has preferences on regular pizza toppings, so it is also with tacos. Some like meat and some do not. Some want jalapenos and some do not. We may have preferences on the type of salsa used. Do we use sour cream or not?


Some Ingredient Suggestions for a Taco Pizza


Some ingredients that may be used to make your taco pizza are ground beef or sausage, or even a mixture of both. You may prefer to use ground turkey or chicken. If you like seasonings on the meat, you may want a store bought packet, or use your own ingredients, such as chile powder, cumin, garlic or onion. Other spices or herbs may be used as desired. Your favorite brand of refried beans will be used as well as a good salsa of your preference. Shredded cheese is needed, such as a combination mix of cheddar and jack cheeses or some other Mexican style mixture of shredded cheese. Use a pre made pizza dough, one of your own, or use a focaccia type bread as a base. You may like fresh bell peppers chopped and strewn over the top, or possibly small cans of green chilies. You can always add more fresh tomatoes to taste. For some heat you might use fresh chopped jalapenos, canned jalapenos, or none of these.


How to Assemble your Taco Pizza


For one 12 to 14 inch pizza, you will need the dough for a single pizza, rolled and fitted to a pizza pan. For an easier snack to pick up with less mess, think about making the pizza into a square to make the slices less unwieldy. Once the pizza dough is in place, make sure there is a small edge built up all around. Open your can of refried beans and stir to soften. If they are too stiff, heat them briefly to make them more malleable, and then spread evenly over the pizza dough. Fry the ground meat of choice, until it is nicely browned, seasoning as desired. You may add in onions or garlic to the meat as it is cooking, or leave it plain. Sprinkle the well drained meat mixture over the layer of beans. Using a small jar of your favorite salsa, spread a thin layer over the meat. If you prefer onions less well cooked, freshly chopped onions may be sprinkled over the pizza at this point, as well as freshly chopped green pepper, cans of green chilies or any other topping ingredient. Top with shredded cheese of your choice.


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Bake the pizza until the cheese is melted and the pizza is bubbling all over, about 20 to 30 minutes.

Save ingredients such as chopped lettuce or sour cream for serving alongside after the pizza is baked. If any of the fresh ingredients were not used, you might think of having bowls of pickled jalapenos, or fresh chopped onion alongside the lettuce and sour cream.


Enjoy your taco pizza whenever the mood strikes. Easy to make, have the kids help out adding on the ingredients for a weeknight supper. Enjoy the process and share, whether for your family or for a party.


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