Swiss “Green world cup” champion?

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Swiss “Green world cup” champion?

The Yale University in the United States has published report related to environmental ranking of 163 countries from around the globe. This sudy is based on the environmental criteria such as air quality, level of carbon dioxide, protection of biodiversity, etc. Each country will be given a score of 1 to 100. The winner of this ranking is…ICELAND who received the highest score 93,5.  Sierra Leon is the worst country in terms of environmental issues with a score of 32,5. To see the complete ranking, click here

Elsewhere, a French environmental site named announced a very interesting article about the possibility to rank the participants of this summer FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa based on the score of enviromental criteria..I call this tournament Green World Cup Tournament..

Sounds funny right? With 32 participants in this year’s world cup, divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, elimination phases starting from the best 16, quarter finals, semi finals and the grand finale, would this year’s winner Spain be the champion?

Well let's start with the group stage, the results are quite suprising the USA, the team which lead the group C (in reality) was placed in the last of the group and another suprising fact, the real champion of the world, SPAIN is not qualified. Moreover, no african nations (South africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria) made it to the last 16, all of them found themselves in the bottom of the group. Such a shame for those countries who had a wonderful performance in the real world cup but were not good enough in enviromental issues..But i believe that they are in the right direction..let's pray for their future..

In the knock out phase, we see another suprising result...the final is contested between two teams who didn't  even make it even to the best 16: FRANCE vs SWISS. It's strange because the french team is considered the most dissapointing team during the whole tournament. The Swiss, ok they beat the real world champion SPAIN in the group stage, but they too didn't make it to the last 16.

The SWISS is the best team in the final match, they beat the 1998 world champion FRANCE in a very convincing 4 points difference...BRAVO SWISS!!

The only team that made the most similar result is GERMANY. In the real world cup, they made it to the semi final, in which they eventually lost againts SPAIN and won the third place match againts URUGUAY. In the green world cup they lost in the semi final againts the SWISS and lost in a very tight match for the third spot match againts the NEW ZEALAND.

This is the final 4 finalists of the tournament:

  • Even though the result is not 100% correct, we have to admit the Germans are the closest team to realise a double world cup title: the FIFA World Cup and the Green World Cup! Respecttt!

    Nevertheless, we have to admit that the Germans are the only team that have good marks in both tournaments. They are a very good football team, they respect the environment and the made real effort to save the planet. Something that other nations have to look upon..





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