Sweet Endings For Summer Showers

Posted on Jun 23 2010 at 06:19:13 PM in Food & Drink

I’ve attended, hosted, or planned more bridal and baby showers than I can count! From the most formal of formal to pot-luck casual, one common theme these showers seem to have is “cake”, or shall I say “leftover cake”. Yes, cakes do make a pretty appearance and taste good too, but there always seems to be so much left! 


While devouring it with their eyes, most guests--mainly females, don’t want to be seen digesting a big piece of cake with a gargantuan frosting flower atop. Yes, they may nibble or ask for just “half” a piece, but in my entire career I have never seen a cake actually finished at such an event.


In my experience, bite sized desserts go over best.  If you feel you still need the appearance of a cake, why not try cupcakes or petit fours.  When place on a tiered serving dish, these small bites can make a beautiful centerpiece.  When I planned my now sister- in-laws bridal shower, I had a bakery match her invitation design on petit fours.  I had several different flavors and fillings. They turned out gorgeous and tasted even better.  Many guests had seconds and even thirds, and not one remained!


If your budget doesn’t allow for custom baked creation, no worries!  Home baked desserts are always a hit. Bake a variety of bars and cut into two inch squares.  Place them on pretty serving trays arranged by a pot of coffee and tea.  These easy Orange-Citrus bars are always a refreshing and sweet ending to any summer gathering. 

Orange-Citrus Bars

1 cup butter
2 cups flour + ¼ cup (reserved)




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