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Posted on Aug 31 2011 at 08:29:03 AM in House & Garden

There are many different kind of people and some of them are  well-arranged, but the others are not...For those one of you, who don't clean their keyboard and it looks like dinning table, I will share some very useful cleaning tips. And I hope that you will follow the tips, otherwise you have to buy a new keyboard.  You can find the cleaning tools everywhere. They are the following ones: cotton buds, vacuum cleaner, clean cloth (lint free) and a screwdriver. 

Now, you are ready to clean efficiently. End of lease cleaning Sydney recommends to unplug the keyboard. Also, it is good to save your data. Because accidentally, you can make a wrong move and your files will be deleted. After that, you can go outside and place on the ground a dirty cloth, which you won't use after the cleaning process. Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it. Do not stop to shake it until there are no more food pieces coming out.

Take the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum it very well, because the keyboard is a dust friendly item. Be careful, because the vacuum is very powerful and you may suction some key.  

After that, you can clean the single keys. And do not spray the cleaning solution on the keyboard, apply it on the cleaning tool, first. Moisten the cotton buds with an alcohol. Start scrubbing the dirt between the keys. The top of the keys, you can clean with a clean cloth. First, damp it with cleaning agent and then wipe down. 

Another good cleaning tip is to remove the keys. You can use a screwdriver to take them off. When you finish with the empty place (clean with cotton buds), you can put them back.  

After cleaning the keyboard, vacate cleaning Sydney advises to take a lint free cloth and dry the surface.        

I think that this is a very useful post and you will be able to clean your keyboard by yourself. 


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