Sufism: life, death and God

Posted on Aug 15 2011 at 12:27:48 PM in Religion & Spirituality

Sufism: life, death and God

There are models that illustrate aspects and features of Sufism: one experiences happenings that only God knows and one is always with God in a way that only God knows. Sufism is all about self-discipline; it is not a system of rules and precepts, but an attitude based on willingness.

Sufi do not represent a sect, nor do they have a dogmatic system. There are as many tariqas, or paths that are followed during the search for God, as souls. Sufi doctrine, or its practical system to look for the truth (al Haqiqa), consists in examining the soul and asking for justifications and confessions for everything that souls had done before and after entering the path of Perfection; the abandonment of one’s self and the wrong beliefs, adopting a moral behaviour.

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