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Posted on Mar 30 2012 at 10:12:07 AM in Clothing

After spending an average of $100 on Jewelmint each month, I wanted to see what Stylemint had to offer. My “Mint” addiction also propelled me to Shoemint where I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from Shoemint (with a $30 off coupon). The first pair was the Jolly from this post (here). In this outfit, I tried to style around Shoemint’s Kathy in Red Dalmatian.

Top: Stylemint Madison Tee

Blazer: Zara White Blazer with Elbow Patches

Bottoms: Ann Taylor Loft Modern Skinny Jeans

Shoes: Shoemint Kathy in Red Dalmatian

Jewelry: Loft Teardrop Necklace

It was one of those days. I rolled out of bed and said “I don’t know what to wear.” I grabbed my comfy and new Stylemint tee, a pair of jeans, a blazer and my Shoemint Kathy shoes. To me, this outfit is just an on the go ensemble.

The biggest hangup I have, is my hair. Most of the time it’s only in a ponytail. When my hair is newly washed, it’s so slick that any styling comes undone too quickly. So experimenting with my hair is best the 2nd day if I have time.

My daughter Megan calls these “The Tap Shoes.” I used to dance tap and the oxfords I used to dance in have a similar shape as these Shoemint ones. I haven’t broken the Kathy shoes in enough to do proper “wings” or “pullbacks” though.

Thanks for reading!

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