Stress at Work

Posted on Apr 20 2012 at 01:14:51 PM in Employment & Work

Stress at Work

With rapid and demanding life styles, stress at work has become inescapable, and it’s not only at work, stress has dominated all aspects of life. It seems as if there is merely no way out. If you are by now stressed at home, with your neighbors, in your daily life, there is no cause for you to be stressed as well at workplace!

Even though it is heavily advertised that work is the place where you are supposed to be unhappy, I beg to differ. Work can be your runaway from your day to day problems, it should be one of these places which you love. Possibly just like any other facet of your life, you should enjoy it. So I’m not bluntly advertising avoiding stress at work, we need to get rid of stress everywhere.

Now why am I suggesting that stress is bad? well duh .. I can say that just out of own practices if not from all the difficulties anyone senses when he is stressed out. Stress can cause a magnitude of diseases and health problems especially when experienced it for elongated period. From headaches, to speedy or arrhythmic heart beats and heart diseases, depression, diabetes, possible hair loss, to obsessive-compulsive or anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunction. In fact one study assessed that 90% of doctors appointments are due to symptoms at least partly related to stress. So if not get rid of it, at least manage it and make sure it is not affecting you destructively.

Is all stress the same? or are there altered categories of stress? based on an article in, there are 4 stress kinds which can be considered as follows:


  • Eustress: this is the kind of stress that is okay and that would be motivating for you to achieve.

  • Acute Stress: this can be either positive or negative, based on the problemsencountered, and is short term just like the daily problems we face.

  • Episodic Acute Stress: the same category of stress as above, yet occurring over lengthier periods of time, usually of bad consequences especially on health.

  • Chronic Stress: this is the kind you want to avoid, for it has the worst effects on the person.

    How to manage with stress at work? 

    This is the million dollar question, but just like one doctor once told me “I don’t care what you do, you need to change your life style, get rid of stress!”. And there are many ways for you to get rid of the bad stress:

    • Relaxation: relaxation, yoga, such mood easing practices often get you out from the strained mood

    • Sports: if you are not performing sports, get to it! It is established that sports especially cardiovascular trainings do rid the body of the stressful situation. Do not grumble with the “I don’t have time for sports”, everyone can have the proper time, you just need the right determination.

    • Minimize expectations: if you anticipate something wonderful and you don’t get it, this will cause you stress. Diminish your hopes then whatever comes will please you. I’m not saying be demotivated, on the contrary, but be someone who accepts facts and enjoys life with the smallest of prizes.

    • Enjoy work: make sure you are joyful at work and performing something you like. You do not have a choice of what to work? learn to love it! It will only be beneficial to you and you will notice a huge alteration with perception.

    • Seek help: it is not something to be afraid of considering that everyone is subdued to stress. Psychological help can be of great benefit to get rid of the unheatlthy stress.

    • Take breaks: short breaks at work can help relieve stress, long breaks such as days off will get you out of the attitude. Do something you love during these pauses. Even during work nights go out with friends (okay don’t stay out too long ) to have some fun and joy.

    • Sleep well: remember the don’t stay out too long, it’s for this aim, sleeping is very essential in managing stress. Getting enough sleep will help your body and mind rest, and hence will help you manage stress and its linked health problems.

    • Avoid caffeine: it will only worsen the situation, it will put you on more pressure and make you more alert, and enhance your potential health issues. Try to avoid it, drink green tea if anything which has less caffeine than coffee and is healthier.

    • Do your best but don’t kill yourself: Do your work at your best possible, but don’t kill yourself. Failing at work is not the end of the world, there will be other opportunities, other clients, or even other jobs. As long as you’re working at your best, you’re working smart, your mind should be at ease.

    Hope this comes in handy, I have learned from the earlier involvments from myself and colleagues how terrible work stress can be if left at its ease. So how do you manage stress at work? Just don’t let it control you .. Enjoy work .. Enjoy life .. Be happy!

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