Strange paragraph riddle

Posted on Jun 14 2011 at 06:32:07 PM in Humor

Noticing anything strange about the following paragraph>?
 (Βρείτε τί περίεργο συμβαίνει με την ακόλουθη παράγραφο)

This is a most unusual paragraph. This writing may annoy you until you find out why it is so unusual, for you won't find a solution instantly. But don't go into a tailspin about it, or go crazy, for it isn't that difficult. But you will admit that it is most unusual. This writing looks so ordinary that you might think that nothing is wrong with it. And, in fact, nothing is wrong with it. But it is unsual and you must ask why. If you study and think about it, you may find out why, but you must do it without any coaching of any kind. No doubt if you work it out for a long, it will dawn on you... Who knows? So start to study it now, and try your skills at finding out what is so unusual about this writing. If you can do it in half an hour, you may approach to wisdom, but if you can't do it in half an hour, I wish you Good luck!

δρόμος προς απάντηση- road to answer


There is not a single letter E in the text


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