Stop Junk Mail with Fake Email Addresses

Posted on Dec 8 2011 at 05:51:42 PM in Internet

Email addresses are a valuable marketing tool for businesses. That's why they resort to all kinds of tricks to get you to give them yours: free ebooks, free video tutorials, free blog templates and whatnot.  Next thing you know, you're getting pestered with mails from these people when all you wanted was that 20-page PDF.

Stop Spam with Disposable Email Addresses!

Put a stop to it!  Use a junk email address made especially for junk mails.  For unimportant subscriptions - like those where you just want to grab one freebie - you can use "disposable" addresses such as Mailinator, whose slogan is "Let Them Eat Spam." 

Mailinator is an email service that lets you create a free mailbox.  It's not password-protected, so it's open to the public.  DON'T use it for personal or business stuff or anything you want connected to you.  You want to use Mailinator ONLY for annoying sign-ups that you don't intend to use again.  For example, Site X offers you a free Internet marketing guide, but in exchange you must provide your email address.  You never want to have anything to do with them after you get the ebook.  Why give them your address if you don't have to?  Use Mailinator and "let them eat spam!" 

How Mailinator Works

To use Mailinator, go to the website that you want to sign up for, and make up an email address with at the end, such as  After your sign up is approved, go to the Mailinator website. Enter the same email you dreamed up under "Check your Inbox!" and click "Go!"  Your email address will be created as soon as mail arrives for it.  Get the link or file that you requested.  That's it.

Mailinator Limitations

Don't forget that Mailinator mailboxes are not password-shielded.  That means anyone who enters an email address at random will see what's in it.  Never use it for anything personal!

Unfortunately, some websites blacklist known disposable email address domains.  If the site you go to refuses to accept a domain, this may be the case.  You would need to find some other disposable address that isn't blacklisted.  Or else just create a new email address with any Web mail service just for your mailing lists.

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