Stop Being a Procrastinator

Posted on Apr 25 2012 at 07:04:11 AM in How-To

In these dynamic days, more and more people can be qualified as procrastinators. If you wonder if you are one, to obtain the answer, demand yourself one simple question, do you tend to leave today’s job for tomorrow. If the answer to this question is YES, then follow those simple tips to stop being a procrastinator.

The most important step in dealing with your procrastination problem is recognizing why we tend to delay the accomplishment of a task. Here are the main reasons:

-    Not knowing from where to start- many people begin procrastinating because they see the task as being too big and too complicated. To deal with a colossal job, just break it into various smaller chunks. The key for success is consistency.

-    Not being fun- some people tend to postpone their obligations, because they don’t see them as amusing. If that is your case, find something that will motivate you into getting the job done, for example define a prize that you will give yourself once the task is done. Another approach is to make the job fun, for instance you can put some music that you like, while you are working.
-    Failure- numerous people don’t start a job, because they are afraid of failure, but they don’t realize that not dealing with the issue is a failure as well. Therefore it is better to fail while trying to accomplish something than not doing anything at all.
-    Distraction- people tend to get distracted when they are doing a job that they don’t really enjoy, for example when cleaning the house people prefer to drop the job, if they hear that their neighbors are having a BBQ. So if you are easily distracted hire professional help, in this case you should hire local cleaners, if you reside in the Craigieburn area, hire cleaning Craigieburn section in the local newspaper.

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