Stocks to Invest in 2013

Posted on Jan 1 2013 at 09:35:07 PM in Finance & Investment


Tellabs, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLAB) is a stock which I believe is an under-valued good investment with Price/Book Value of 0.5652x. The company is spending 30% of its revenues in R&D, which is rarely seen in a distressed company without much prospects on its future. After adjusting the special dividend on the prices, the recent bullback did not cause TLAB to drop below MA(50). Support can be expected to be found while RSI getting closer to 40. Bullish divergence is showing on Accumulation/Distribution line. Unless TLAB closes below $2.15, I remain bullish on TLAB in both short run and long run.

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) With no doubt, Ford has shown a definite uptrend since late July. However, F is showing exhaustion as the bodies of the candlestick are getting smaller and smaller. I would not consider New Year's Eve's candlestick as a doji but it is definitely not pretty. Along with the persistent overbought level on RSI, I believe Ford is due to a pullback to at least around $11.75.


InterDigital Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC) As I have mentioned days earlier, IDCC rarely closes below MA(50) and closes around lower Bband for long. Yesterday's action tells us that IDCC's strong uptrend still enacts. I have a short term target of $44.30 in one month. Again, MA(200) is bottoming and strong support found on 40-RSI level since August. Given the price is around MA(50), it is a great opportunity for entry.


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