Steps To Follow To Close A Credit Card

Posted on Jan 2 2013 at 11:49:05 PM in Finance & Investment

Last year, when I tried to cancel my credit card at a time because if you will try to close too many card accounts then it will abruptly lower your credit score. In order to determine which card to be selected, you should determine which card is proving to be more costly. Make sure to do a full analysis.
Make the payment of balance in full- Trying to cancel a card which still carries a balance is not a right idea. If you will do so then it will lower your credit score. If you find it difficult to make payment in full then you should try to transfer the balance to a card with lower APR.
Inform your card issuer- You would be required to inform your card issuer about your intention of cancelling the card either through a mail or personally. Your card issuer will try to change your mind by luring you with exciting schemes but remember your reason of calling the card company.
Send a written confirmation of cancellation- You should keep all your records. It will give you more leverage if your account will remain open even after your verbal order of cancellation.
Disposing the card properly- Once you are certain that your card account is closed, you should cut the same and should properly dispose it.

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