Steel Slag Processing

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Steel Slag Processing

Steel Slag Processing,Copper Slag Recycling,Iron Slag Concrete

Steel slag processing technology refers to solid slag processing into various products slag and isolate useful metal method. To a certain degree of copper slag recycling after the use of mechanical processing is commonly done namely the mechanical processing method, it is broken by mining processing machinery is broken and magnetic separation, screening processing method of steel slag.

Slag can be high-quality raw materials, obtained after treatment can greatly improve the use and value. The slag and steel slag process is raw material primaries. After screening, respectively, negative pressure ball milling, dry magnetic separation and wind classification and other processes. That is greater than 90% of iron can be used for high-quality steel scrap. Iron slag concrete admixture for high-grade steel slag powder and the road surface of asphalt concrete surface layer of steel slag aggregate. Completely solve the environmental pollution caused by steel slag.

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