Stay Focused and Make Money

Posted on Apr 20 2012 at 03:41:22 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Stay Focused and Make Money

Finding a good business or product to run is hard enough these days because of so many choices, but keeping focus and maintaining ambition to succeed could be even harder. If you're like me, a work at home dad with a wife and 4 kids from age 14 down to a two-year old, then you know dealing with your family at home is a big distraction. Aside from that you have most of your outside family and friends doubting you and unwilling to have any part of your business. Then the most frustrating thing of all is that you start your business and struggle right out of the gate. All of this could give you anxiety to quit, give up, and just be done with it all, but the key objective is to always stay focused on making money and growing your business.


Quitting is easier than moving on and even though giving up surely means you don't reach your goals, a lot of people still quit from sheer frustration of everything that has them out of focus. Going through life and keeping a house in order is tough so if we can channel that same energy that gets us through each grueling day then we'll be one step closer to success. When it comes to doubters, you have to know you're gonna have those in fact, you should appreciate them and use it as a tool to give you more ambition to make money. It's been my experience that anytime you do something other people can't or most likely unwilling to try then they automatically have a negative opinion and feeling about it. Who cares, remember to use doubt and non-belief from others to work in your favor as a motivational tool because it works. Your own belief in your business is what's important once you make that choice.


Never beat yourself up if you struggle or find yourself working extremely hard in the beginning especially if you're new to the industry because it's common. Everyone either struggles to get off the ground or work very hard every day and night to take flight quickly. Either way, you're looking for the end result and that's you making money and growing your business while you enjoy the finer things in life. Gather profit strategies from all the free training possible and engage in every day practices implementing the things you learn and stick to it. If you're working very hard and are actually getting results but not enough to match your efforts then I will say you're on the right track. You may just need to change a few things with your promotions, maybe your website needs optimization for seo, or it could be possible that you don't need to change anything at all. The best thing is to get with your sponsor and have them go over your campaigns and websites with you if they have the time or you could pay a reliable source to guide you in the right direction. The main thing to remember though is that networking and doing business online starts off small but grows exponentially over time. If you're making money now that will only double and triple within a couple of months if you stay focused on your everyday efforts.



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