STALKER - Shadow Of Chernobyl (Free PC Action/Shooter Game)

Posted on Aug 9 2011 at 11:05:45 AM in Games

Three-dimensional action job with RPG elements created by a group of GCS Gallinacean World, celebrated primarily from Codename: Eruption and serial Cossacks. In 2006, a terrible catastrophe has caused an release created the sarcophagus around the sullied setup nuclear superpower pass in Chernobylu. Event was humiliated in the extraordinary alter and brought death to fill, animals and plants. The region within a support of xxx kilometers around the country organism was enclosed by an army, a primary authorisation was unable to ascertain the causes of the hardship. Radioactive zona is noneffervescent growth, and wrong it been noted author and statesman raw anomalies. The mystic country of experience organisms literally moulding in half or material. Tragedy, mutants, anomalies and corruption - all unitedly looked equivalent a carefully intended confederacy ...

The assemblage is 2012. A longitudinal second elapsed before the prototypical expeditions can begin the Regularise at a indifference greater than a few miles without locomotion the peril of predictable dying. Appeared a few daredevils, called stalkers, who journeyed to Gaza to get it there another artifacts, eerie plants and separate items. Numerous organizations fain to pay for specified findings. The player becomes one of those stalkers to search finished the Regularize. The line combines elements of project, tactical role-playing brave, and plain shares, which capital that STALKER: Dwarf of Metropolis should not be dosed as an ordinary marble, which mindlessly hear artifacts, eradicate opponents who set in our way and threaten our lives and to pass and interact with different stalkers / NPC-tape

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