Spring Cleaning 101

Posted on Mar 21 2012 at 02:20:28 AM in How-To

Spring knocks at our doorstep and we are not that ready to great her. At least not as well as we would like to. This is the time to remove all the grime and dirt and moist from our homes, bring in some colors to it and begin a new cycle of life, so to speak. Here are some cleaning tips, regarding the spring cleaning menace.

This is the time to do the heavy lifting, and get to those hard to reach spots, where usually you do not dare to reach. Move beds, wardrobes, other stuff. The washing machine, the oven – move them somewhere and clean beneath and behind them. This can be easier done with a vacuum cleaner. If you cannot move them entirely, move them from one side and then the other.

Give some treating to the wooden furniture, besides the usual dusting. Use some products that are used to clean the scratches – to fill them and make invisible. Ask cleaners in London for a more detailed information about how they do it. Then you can add some wood polish to the furniture, to refreshen it, give it a nice shiny look. Apply the correct polish with a soft cloth. A tip to keep in ming – apply the polish by pouring some on the cloth first, then rubbing it on the piece of furniture in mind. Leave to dry then wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

We have mentioned before cleaning behind the washing machine. It is usually located in the bathroom. There are other stuff you may look for while you are there. Wiping the tiles in the bathroom will take some effort from you, of that there is no doubt, but in the end – you do not do it that often and it will most definitely be worth, every bit of it. You may use some extensible handle with an attachment for windows cleaning, for easier access to high and hard to reach areas. Also clear out the medicine cabinet from anything you no longer need and maybe replace the curtain of the shower.

Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, as cleaners London do, to remove any dust from high places – top of the wardrobes, door edges, window frames. Also wash the windows and the curtains to them. This is maybe the time to change the curtains to some other colored ones, don't you think ?

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