Speed Kills

Posted on Apr 5 2012 at 10:21:40 AM in Personal

A parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child and have to
bury their child. When you’re a parent who lives close to a school as I do, you
worry that some idiot driver is going to one day hit and/ or run over a child.
Now I would never let my children get close to the street, but I live in a
neighborhood where other people’s children run around like crazy.

Yes, the parents should do a better job of watching their
children, but there is a way the government can help lower the chances of idiot
drivers hitting someone with their vehicles: my belief is that all schools
should have speed bumps around the school. School zones help but when the
police aren’t around to enforce the speed limit there are drivers who will go
faster than 20 mph.

Unfortunately, many schools don’t have speed bumps around
the school property. My neighborhood has tried repeatedly to have the city of
Dallas put speed bumps in our neighborhood to prevent people from driving like
idiots. The city tested to see how fast people were driving on our street and
they determined that not enough people were driving fast enough for the city to
put speed bumps.

My problem with that is it doesn’t matter how many people do
or don’t drive fast near schools because all it takes is one person to drive
fast, hit someone and a tragedy occurs. My neighborhood will try again and
again until we get speed bumps put in our neighborhood. Hopefully our request
doesn’t fall on death ears. And yes, when they test our street I will speed
back and forth if it means they’ll put speed bumps. I’ll speed after letting my
neighbors know to clear the street of course.

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