Spectres in the Cairngorms

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Folklore in Britain is perhaps some of the richest and most culturally pervasive in the world. Scotland, in particular, has a rich Gaelic past and offers a wealth of campfire-style stories, though unlike most local folklore, many of these stories are still relevant today. There have been a large number of sightings of strange goings-on in the Cairngorms mountain range in the Caingorms National Park, some of which as recent as within the last decade.

The most common type of paranormal sighting in mountains are those of spectres or mountain spirits. Throughout human history there have been many reports in both ancient and modern times of unexplained things been sighted in Snowdonia, the Alps, the Andes and, of course, the Cairngorms that still have to be accounted for.

Mountain spectres are often reported to appear in a wide range of shapes and sizes; from the amorphous Will-o’-the-Wisp to the more humanoid sasquatch or yet-like creatures. The Cairngorms have their own particular spectre that has been sighted on numerous occasions; a 9 foot tall grey humanoid that appears in the must and pursues mountaineers across the rocky peeks, preying on anyone from large groups to solitary ramblers, this thing is said to inspire absolute terror in anyone unlucky enough to encounter it. There are even some Cairngorms hotel tours available, should you be daring enough to investigate it yourself.

Another form the mountain spirit takes is the appearance of a colourful, floating angel-like figure. This type of apparition has been sighted in mountain ranges all over the world and is commonny explained by the phenomenon of a ‘brocken spectre’; an optical illusion created by the sun casting the mountaineer’s shadow onto a blanket of thick fog or mist. However elementary this seems, it is convincing enough to send almost everyone who sees it fleeing in terror. If you are feeling intrepid enough to try and encounter one of these mountain spirits, or even perhaps attempt to take a photograph, then there are a large number of hotels in Cairngorms that will more than just cater for your ghost-hunting needs

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