Special Fonts Help Dyslexics Accommodate

Posted on Nov 8 2012 at 04:45:25 AM in Education

One of the challenges that many dyslexics face in their daily activities is reading certain font types.  Last year, New Hampshire-based mobile app designer Abelardo Gonzalez created a font that makes reading typeface for Dyslexics easier.

The font is named “Open-Dyslexic”.  Each uniquely shaped letter in this typeface is thickened at the bottom, which helps stop the visual cortex in the brain from perceiving the letter as moving, flipping, or rotating.  In addition, because the bottoms of the sentences are darker and thicker, it becomes easier to follow each line of text without skipping or re-reading any lines.   Gonzalez states that Open-Dyslexic is constantly being improved and updated according to input from dyslexic users.  The font is free to download at http://dyslexicfonts.com/downloads.php

Open-Dyslexic is similar to other Dyslexic friendly fonts such as Gill Dyslexic and dyslexie, which are available for a fee.

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