Sony Xperia Z – 24 Month Contract With Cashback offers

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Sony Xperia Z – 24 Month Contract With Cashback offers

If you are looking for a latest arrived handset in the market with the best of features in the high end class, Sony Xperia Z is the perfect choice and solution to own a Smartphone. The handset has been equipped with lots of amazing features like 1.5GHz Quad core Processor, 13.1 Megapixel Camera, dust and water resistant highest technology in this entire Xperia segment. The model has been designed to perform on the latest Android version and is coming out with the v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and planned upgrade to v4.2. This gives you a whole new operating ambiance that has been made extremely user friendly and is the best companion till date that you would find. The model has also been improved in many other aspects. It comes with a fast Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor that allows you to run multiple applications without any time lag. It makes easy for the user to carry on multi tasking and also switch between various apps and explore various menus at the same time.


Sony Xperia Z deals have been spread all across the market with the leading network providers. The handset has been introduced at the cheapest of tariffs and it comes with O2 at the cheapest of costs. This network has more to offer and gives a good value for money. Sony Xperia Z contract comes with various incentives and auto cashback offers in the market. The handset in the 24 month contract segment with this network comes free of cost and also offers free gifts and vouchers. The contract handset with this network comes at a line rental of £31 and has to offer £25 Auto Cashback. This deal would give you unlimited minutes and also include unlimited texts every month. Also with the reduced line rental every month the effective monthly tariff comes down to £29.96. You may also go for tariffs that include free data in the contract segment that would give you free internet surfing and downloading every month.


Sony Xperia Z with auto cashback has been the most famous offers selling in the market. You may have a look at the other networks that would give you cheaper incentives and tariffs too. With O2 you can have this gadget free of cost at a line rental of £29 that would have a £5 Cashback by Redemption. This deal would give you 300 minutes and unlimited texts with 100MB data. Other Sony Xperia Z O2 deals come at a line rental of £24 that have 600 minutes with unlimited texts and 100 MB data. You would get £85 Cashback by Redemption in this offer.

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