Some Sights to See in Hong Kong

Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 07:44:47 AM in Travel

Some Sights to See in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country, rich of culture and unique sights. With that said, it is a desired tourist destination throughout the whole year. Nowadays, all we think of Hong Kong is electronics and skyscrapers. But what about the people, the temples, the museums?

You have probably heard of Dim Sum. And some of you have even tried it. But if you haven't tried the Dim Sum they serve in Hong Kong, you have definitely tasted some far inferior food. Getting some in a Dim Sum restaurant is a whole experience! It's not just about the food, though, it's the people, too. The restaurant turns into a buzzing hive of sounds, definitely something worth seeing!

It is time to get out of all the uproar and visit some place more quiet. Namely, one of the temples. The good thing is, that even in their highly technological environment, they are still very religious and culturally conservative. There is always a possibility to enter a Taoist or Buddhist temple, but bear in mind, that most of them have different codes, that need to be paid attention to. Call to Hong Kong and dive into their rich culture!

For those of you, who love to gamble, there are lots of places to do so. One such place is the Hong Kong Happy Valley. The sporting spectacles there are vastly considered as some of the most exciting in the world! But the big draw there is the horse gamble race course. It is situated amidst the Happy Valley, next to a wall of skyscrapers. Not only the first time I saw this, but the next times were breathtaking, too! It is definitely worth it seeing the show during the races every Wednesday.

All in all, Hong Kong has a lot to offer to the curious tourist. Apart from such sights, there are rollercoaster parks, large shopping malls and buildings left from the times, when the British were a part of the country. Despite anything negative you might have heard, Hong Kong is a country well worth discovering. It's never too late to make a few international calls and visit! Have a safe trip!

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