Some Post Tenancy Cleaning Techniques

Posted on Jul 26 2011 at 10:33:15 AM in House & Garden

     Dealing with spots is essential if you want to receive your deposit back from the landlord. Unfortunately, this may be a bit harder then you might think because some of the stains usually are pretty stubborn. They are on our carpets, upholstery, curtains from weeks and months, so getting rid of them may be tough.

    However, this type of post tenancy cleaning is not impossible so do not lose faith but get to work.

    First decide about what will you clean first. This will determine the way your whole cleaning procedure will be performed. The bathroom, for instance should be cleaned last because you will use it along the entire cleaning. On the other hand, the bedroom is a place which you won't use so it is good as a starting point.

    What to clean first?

    The ceilings should be cleaned at the very beginning because otherwise all the dust and dirt will fall on your just cleaned carpet.

    The windows are not so essential so you can skip cleaning them. However, if you decide that this job is not hard for you here is my tip: use newspapers instead of one of those tools with a sponge on the one side and a rubber blade on the other. The paper absorbs the dirt better, it is easier to use and you can use a new piece each time.

    The shelves- nothing special about them, just simple dusting will be plenty. The only problem that you may have is the condition of the surfaces. If they have many scratches, the landlord won't be happy at all.

    The carpeting- the rugs need more special attention because that is where all the dirt goes. The carpets are also pretty visible and hard to clean. So, if you want to deal with the stains and the dirt on them you will need more time and efforts. Fortunately, there are tons of cleaning methods to choose from, so you can pick the easiest one for you.

    However, if you do not have enough time and in the same time you have enough money you can hire a post tenancy cleaning company for the job. This will guarantee you very good and also fast results. 

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