Some people may be green with envy

Posted on May 25 2012 at 04:19:36 PM in Technology

Some people may be green with envy

Although I may be considered as a candidate to drive the Ubuntu train, I am certainly not closed minded enough to refuse the opportunity to try something new, especially if it does not cost me anything. With this in mind I decided to look into some other Linux operating systems as alternatives to the fiercely competitive Microsoft Windows. It is not that I don't believe that windows can function as a decent operating system, but the amount of problems that my friends go through as they use windows, continues to convince me that I must do better. I had heard about Linux Mint and decided that I would give it a try to see if it had what it took to compete with windows.


The first thing I noticed about Linux Mint was the large amount of green that it used in its schemes. I guess I should not have been surprised, especially since Ubuntu started off with the brown and then switched to the purple. (which I preferred)  As an Ubuntu user I had no trouble navigating the many features of Linux Mint 12.04 and for the most part the configuration was almost identical to Ubuntu 12.04 (other than the color). There were some striking differences like the desktop environment and the icons they currently use, in addition the way the selection of programs are carried out will also take a little getting used to. The bottom line, if we are looking to continueentertaining ourselves on the Internet and we have an older computer, installing Linux Mint 12.04 might will make that possible. Just in case I forgot to mention it, this Linux operating system is also FREE.

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