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Posted on Nov 25 2012 at 04:24:10 PM in Shopping

Suede shoes have always been current. According to some fashion experts they are even a sign of style and good taste. In case you have a pair of these cute suede shoes you will certainly face with one problem- their maintenance. Suede is really vulnerable and unfortunately gets dirty pretty fast, especially during the cold rainy seasons when everything is muddy. Soils, germs , dust , heat- these are the main factors which can ruin your favorite pair of shoes for no time. However, you can't control the weather no matter how much you want to.

Having in mind that cleaners Wimbledon provide the following solution for your suede shoes:

The basic of every successful treatment is the cleaning technique you are using and also the cleaning materials it includes. As to this type of cleaning you will need suede brush, suede eraser and enough amount of vinegar (depending your your shoes size). Once you have everything prepared you may start the actual procedure.

Take the suede eraser to remove most of the accumulated salt, dirt and stains from the shoe surface. The suede eraser will crumble up as you rub it into the suede, taking the dirt and salt along with it. If you don't have such eraser on hand you can purchase one from your local pharmacy.

Prepare a cleaning solution by adding a tablespoon of vinegar in a small bowl filled with warm water. Stir the water studiously to mix the ingredients well.

Then immerse a soft cotton cloth into the cleaner and wipe the shoes surface with it. Don't worry that the solution won't be effective enough. Vinegar is great for removing difficult stains from your shoes thanks to its acid basis. Don't be anxious about its scent! It will disappears after the suede shoe dries. Even the naps of the suede working with the suede brush while it's still wet.

 After that just leave your shoes to naturally dry.

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