Society Gone Bad

Posted on Apr 11 2012 at 02:07:01 PM in Law

If I told you that there were two guys who committed crimes: guy number one broke the law by fighting dogs and the second guy drove drunk, hit and killed a person, which of the two guys would you guess served more time in jail for his crime?

If you guessed guy number two, who committed manslaughter, you would have guessed incorrectly. Surprised? I still can’t believe its true, but it is. Donte Stallworth, who is guy number two, served only 30 days in jail for his crime and Mike Vick, guy number one, served a little less than two years in federal prison for his crimes.

Mike Vick went bankrupt, lost everything, went to federal prison and obviously couldn’t play football. Donte Stallworth on the other hand served only 30 days in jail, paid fines, donated money and performed community service. Yes, Stallworth got off pretty easy and some of that was because the victim’s family agreed on a settlement with Stallworth and they asked for him not to serve time.

After serving their time, both players were able to return to the NFL and resume their football careers. I didn’t have a problem with Vick returning to the NFL because I felt he paid for his crimes; maybe even overpaid. You will have a hard time finding a bigger dog lover than me, but step back at think about these situations: one man killed animals and another man killed a human being. I still don’t think its right that Stallworth isn’t currently in prison for his crime and that he gets to play football for a living. What is wrong with our society? 


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