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Get Your Own Website Today ?

Before Yo begin with the actual construction and designing of a website you need to get 2 things… They are a Hosting Plan and Domain name.

Some serious consideration should be given when choosing both.  Either can help make or break your website. 


Should you not have reliable hosting that is feature rich and works all the time, you may sit with up-time problems (i.e. your website is off line and people cannot click on your articles and reviews) and you are losing money!

The Appropriate website name can contribute as much as 20% of your rankings in the search engines. 


I have often seen websites rank on strength of their name alone to know that having the right website name can help a lot.

To explain hosting and domain name – let’s use the following:

First of all, what is a website technically? A basic website consists of various computer files.


These contain the actual content of your website, like paragraphs, headings, bullets, images, etc. This is written in a special markup language called HTML. Each page of your website usually has its very own HTML file, which contains the text content of that specific page like your contact page.


Images are not embedded in the same HTML files, they are stored separately, and are only linked to from within your HTML file.

Secondly, your website files must obviously be stored on a computer that is always connected to the internet.


Such a computer must have a static ip address, and a very fast internet connection, as some of these servers can host many websites. Obviously you need to “rent” some server space for your websites’ files. We also call this website hosting

Thirdly, you get assigned your very own ip address for your website. This can be something like or But who will ever remember your website address if you tell them it’s So, what the clever people did is they allowed your unique ip address ( to be “connected” to a domain name, like So you only have to tell people your website address is and not the ip address like – much easier….. :)!

You will be paying monthly “rental” for this space that will pay towards the actual space that your website occupies on the server and for the bandwidth “traffic” that you use for all the people who access your website.

If you try to go too “budgeted” here you may end up with more trouble than it’s worth, because you will spend more time asking support why your website is not working than actually spending the money you make from the website.  We have numerous hosting companies.

The domain name (website name) is usually the most important one of my secondary keyword list that is directly related to the products I am reviewing on my website. 


So for instance ideally if you are going to sell “diet pills” online you would like to have 

Unfortunately website names work on a first come, first served basis, so names like are already taken.  Thus you have to start looking at alternatives like “” or “”. These are all keyword names from a list of secondary keywords that identified earlier.  But you will find that these are also taken.

Choosing and finding the correct website name is a bit tricky, but it pays to spend a bit of time here to find just the right one as it can make all the difference. 


So what I do is go through my list of secondary keywords and then identify the keyword that gets the most searches and are most directly related to my website’s products and that are only one or two keyword phrases long. 


It must be as short as possible with the actual keywords contained in the website name.

 So something like, and would have been perfect but since they are not available I will have to get creative.

So now you start looking at names like and and (having numbers in your domain name is not ideal but it works.)  A times the shorter the better. 

I often put the word GO in front of the website name or NOW at the end. or has a sense of urgency or “action” associated with it and it contains the website name. 


Do not go for names with more than 3 phrases in it like “ “unless much later in the game, I mean not until when you are Advanced in internet Marketing. Also add words like “GUIDE” or “REVIEWS” at the end of the website name.

Short and sweet with your most relevant and highest searched keyword phrase within.  Before you start adding pre and post things like GO and NOW and MY etc, first check that the .ORG version is not available. 


I have very good success with .COM website names and often use them and they are often available without having to add anything to them, hence the website I Have and with some exact keywords that people search for MANY times per day.

Stay clear from .info .net and other sites when it comes to marketing on the search engines.  Later on you may acquire some of these once you are versed and experienced in Affiliate Marketing and the Search Engines, but as a general rule leave these alone. 


Some years ago you could buy a .info for as little as 1 USD even now it’s just around 3 USD, so many marketers (including Experts) bought 100’s of these and used them in the search engines.

The search engines became flooded with these and are now very wary of ranking .info sites, so they spoiled the Internet for everyone using .info and stuff, but now they know, since it’s much more difficult to rank on search engines and they may want to tag Google as Being Monopolistic!

Also, do not use hyphens unless you REALY have to.  People used to register website names like and you can still do it, but I don’t advise it. 


Stick with solid short name like or (having an add-on POST the keyword name is fractionally better than having it PRE the keyword name) and if the .COM versions are all taken, look for the .ORG versions or choose another keyword that is more focused on you specific market for example “”.

Using POST add-ons like REVIEW and GUIDE shows users that your website most likely have a range of products that have been used and reviewed by someone already that can help them make decision about the one that they should choose. 

And ultimately, that should be your goal, to help solve a problem for someone who ended up on your website looking for a specific solution.  So having a word like “REVIEWS” or “GUIDE” in your website name helps.


Do not register trademark product names in the domain name, you will end up in trouble and have your website taken away from you (from experience). 


In other words, do not register names like “” or any other specific brand name like “” or “” without express prior permission from the owner of the trademark or brand name, as you will end up losing your website. 

I suggest you never register a website name and host it at the same place.  It is just a precautionary measure that allows you more control should something happen, unless you are very sure and certain of the Companies.


For instance some people had experiences in the past where hosting companies closed down without prior notice (it won’t happen with any of the largest hosting companies on the Internet) but you could fall foul of the terms of conditions or a number of things that could go wrong.

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