So many movies, so little time

Posted on May 22 2012 at 12:55:33 PM in Technology

So many movies, so little time

Most of us have witnessed at least one of the many music videos that are available online and while some have chosen to download one or two for their own library, others believe that transferring videos to mp3 is a great way to increase their music  selection as well. The use of online videos has only been a recent practice, in fact up to about a decade ago videos were not even possible on the Internet. Today we have the ability with a video converter for mac, to download and save all sorts of videos and keep them for future use.


I am fairly certain that most of my readers know what a VCR (video cassette recorder) is and in  fact some die hard homes probably still have one in them. Today, movies on dvd is much more practical due to the clarity of the picture. Purchasing a new dvd is not as expensive as it once was, so much so that most households have their own personal collection of dvd’s. Making a copy of your dvd is another habit that many dvd owners have chosen to do, if only to make sure that their investment will be around for awhile. Some people actually rip copies to store on their personal computer and with tools like the dvd ripper for mac, that process is no longer restricted to the regular PC.


It’s all about being able to take it with you, while here on earth anyway, so converting those videos into an ipad video format will make that desire all the more possible. With the help of an ipad video converter you can convert as many of the movies in your library into ipad video formats as you want, so that you can watch them during your down time or while you are on break. The thing to be concerned about when you consider those ipad videos is if you have enough room to upload them.

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