So-Called Christians Give The Real Christians A Bad Wrap

Posted on Jul 26 2012 at 08:15:42 AM in Entrepreneurship

Wow something funny just happen to me as of three hours ago to be exact. This is involves a coffee sale. Last Tuesday I believe it was a woman called me and said she was looking to become a distributor however, whomever introduced her to the business drop the ball on her and she was looking for a new sponsor and she wanted to buy two boxes of coffee.   Meanwhile let’s call her Ms. Judy said that she only had fifteen dollars to spend and if I sold her a box of coffee for that same fifteen dollars then she would be able to now afford a second box of coffee (hmm…..)In addition, that she needed to get come change from her coworkers. Mind you that a box of Latte coffee cost $17.00 whole price. Ms. Judy told me that if I sold her the coffee that she would get on my team.

However she has yet to do so which brings me to last night when Ms. Judy called me stating that she wants five boxes of coffee but she can only pay for three and she was expecting me to sell 5 boxes of coffee for $15.00. I was like whoa wait a minute here, this sounds like a deal I do not want to be a part of; I called Ms. Judy back and said that I did not have any more coffee to sell her. In addition to that, I would have to check with my mother to see if she had any coffee to sell Ms. Judy. However, I point out that my mother will not sell you any coffee for $15.00.  How about Ms. Judy went on about how another Organo Gold Rep that she called before me called her back this that and third. That was supposed to make me sell it to her $15.00. I say too bad so sad and good-bye.


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