Snapshot: Be with nature, with all the comforts

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Snapshot: Be with nature, with all the comforts

It’s one of the more unusual structures I’ve seen. At 13 feet wide and 10 feet high, it looks like it could burst in front of you. This bubble room is actually part of a hotel, a family of bubble rooms belonging to The Attrap’ Reves in Allauch, Montagnac- Monpezat, Puget Ville and at La Bouilladisse, all in France.

Dreamt up by French designer Pierre Stéphan, the bubble room is the quirky result of the creation of Eco-friendly space against the backdrop of nature. Sleeping in the bubble lends illusion that you’re sleeping in the middle of nature.


You have the option of staying in a fully transparent bubble, and if you value privacy, there are always half opaque rooms.  Think of it as camping, but far higher on the sophistication scale. You can sleep under the stars, look out for creatures of the dark in the dead of the night, and wake up to curious squirrels staring at you at the crack of dawn. And you do not have to be afraid of insect bites or slithering creatures snuggling by your side.


The bubble is kept inflated with a silent blower, while recycling the air inside constantly. Each bubble room is furnished with a king-sized bed, reading lamps, nightstands, and a set of table and chairs. Being with nature doesn’t mean you go without the comforts of modern amenities. There’s also electricity and a sink and shower area with running water.


Even though they are just bubbles, the rooms are uniquely themed. There’re Zen bubbles if you’re looking for a reflective time, with simple designs and Buddha ornaments. If you’re in the mood for something more exotic, there’re bubbles themed 1001 nights, all decked out in Arabian style. Couples looking for a romantic time should definitely go for the Glamour bubbles, with beds filled with heart-shaped cushions.


Pricing is pretty reasonable too. Prices start from USD137 and go as high up to USD 625, depending on the season, amount of amenities and the location you pick.


Where: France

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