Smart Tips for Cleaning Your Electric Oven

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Smart Tips for Cleaning Your Electric Oven

Just because you are using an electric oven does not mean that there are no stains forming. Grease as well as various food residues form just as easily, which makes it your duty to tend to its needs by keeping it clean and polished to a shine.


In some cases, professional cleaning services are inevitable. Perhaps you haven't cleaned your oven in a while or maybe some dish exploded and stained it severely. These, however, are rare cases and to look after your oven is easy. Here are the steps that our cleaners recommend for a truly fantastic clean.


1] Unplug the oven. This is an obligatory safety measure, so that the oven can completely cool. Not to mention to avoid the risk of causing a short circuit, which poses a serious hazzard.

2] Since you will be doing this yourself, pick a mild detergent. My choice is liquid soap or the dish washing liquid from the kitchen sink. Pour some warm water and the detergent in an unused spray bottle and shake to mix.

3] This is the no-brainer. Spray the solution on top and let it sit for a quarter of an hour, but don't let it sit till it dries. The reason why this is a step, is because you should wipe your oven on an almost daily basis as to prevent a hard to remove layer of dirt to form.

4] Once done with the waiting proceed to wipe thoroughly. Grab a rag, preferably cotton, to clear any soiled areas. Pay attention to the edges.

5] For tried food, for instance fried egg splatter is murderous to remove, however, avoid using a scourer, because it will only scratch the surface. Instead grab a spatula and gently pry off the stain.

6] If you do encounter stains that have no intention of disappearing, I have yet to see one that can resist a quick soak with scalding water. Dip a clean cloth in scalding water mixed with baking soda and blot the stain.

7] Wait for the oven to dry, before you consider plugging it back in.


Follow these seven steps and you too will achieve the fantastic clean that our trained professionals provide for thousands of people in London.


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