Small Business Checklist

Posted on Sep 28 2011 at 05:37:08 PM in B2B

Are you starting a business or have an established business and feel as though you need help with a few things to give business a kick-start? I have some key suggestions that may help you out.

First things first: your website. If you do not have a website, get one, now! This day in age every business should have a website even if you do not plan on updating it on a regular basis. Your website contains vital business information such as how to reach you, products or services you offer and other details. This information needs to be available 24/7 so your next potential customer doesn’t pass you by. If you do have a website perhaps it could be updated. A fresh look and fully optimized content is needed to be found on the Internet and to get people to click your name, not your competitions. Ovaleye Web Solutions can help you with a new look, search engine optimization, Internet marketing and pretty much anything else you want done with your website.

The next priority would be your phone line. This has changed quite a bit over the years with companies now offering phone over the internet service as opposed to the traditional land line. I know many businesses who have dropped their landline due to costs, however; they are much more reliable. One of the more popular voip service companies is Vonage, but most cable tv providers also offer this service. There are also a number of people who use a cell phone for their business line. With all of the services offerings on the market this doesn’t mean you need a second cell phone. You can have a virtual business phone number forward to your cell phone, you can get a Skype cell phone application with it’s own phone number and not even use up minutes, you can have a virtual assistant which offers multiple voice mailbox options. One company that offers many of these services is My1Voice. The possibilities are nearly limitless, there is something out there that will serve your business phone needs.

And, of course, you need customers. Word of mouth is important when new in business; It is free and effective. The Internet is a very powerful tool when you’re looking to grow. By having an appealing website and content that is optimized you are ahead of the curve. As mentioned in “Take Pride in Your Business” I have personally seen business sink or swim in this economy all because of their Internet presence.

Is your website all that you want it to be and all that it needs to be?

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