SlickWraps vs. iCarbons

Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 06:05:25 AM in Electonics

You have surely heard of SlickWraps and iCarbons right? Both of these companies are very good and they provide lots of products designed for you to keep various mobile devices and electronic safe. You can also use the products both of them provide to add a personal look to your items. Each of these companies is well known, but that does not change the fact that people are still going to do a side by side comparison before buying from either website. This is even more true for those people who have never used either website. So lets get into a simple comparison of both companies.



SlickWraps offers protective items and accessories for mobile products, but they are not made to go with a particular brand of product. With iCarbon that is not the case. When you decide to buy products from iCarbon you are getting protective items that are made for the most part to be used for Apple products. However, you can use them for other products as well. 


A lot of items offers through this company are made to add a sense of style to your mobile devices. You can decide to make your iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iPod look much nicer with a variety of colors. You can even go to the website and post a picture of the product you are using the items for so it can be shared with other people. The company has one main goal, and that is to provide what they believe to be the ultimate when it comes to protecting and style for people's favorite iDevices and a whole lot more.  


When you buy items from them you are going to get items that provide a superior level of protection. Their products are also made in the United States. Installation is not going to be tough at all, and there is lots of help available on the website just in case people have problems. You can find video tutorials to help you for instance. 




Slickwraps might not be as popular with those who are loyal to Apple and the products they make. In fact, whenever products are made for the sole appeal of those who use their products it will be tough to compete. Luckily, there are a lot of people who are not willing to limit themselves if they can find products of equal value for less money. SlickWraps offers that alternative, especially to those who do not use Apple products and want protective items and accessories that can be universal. 


The company makes custom skins, wraps, and cases for mobile devices and you can also use them for Apple products as well. Them variety of wraps they offer is huge and you will not be limited in what you can get. They offer accessories that will help you protect your screens, clean your phone, and other items. SlickWraps is definitely a good choice and just as good as iCarbons.


SlickWraps and iCarbons both are solid companies that you will find no shortage of quality products on.

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