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Posted on Dec 29 2012 at 08:52:59 PM in Electonics

Are you looking to buy products from SlickWraps? If you are than you might want to learn a little bit about the company before you do? You are going to be better served this way, plus there is a lot of competition and you might decide that one of them is better than the choice you are thinking about making. I did a simple review of SlickWraps just to see how good they are and if the products offered are really as good as a lot of users have said they are.


Slickwraps and the products they offer


Do you have an iPod, an iPhone, or an iPad? Do you have any type of mobile device that you want to protect or simply spruce up so that it does not look so plain anymore? If so than SlickWraps is definitely a company that offers products to help you do this. SlickWraps is a company that provides all sorts of custom skin wraps so you can personalize any one of these products to your liking. They also offer custom wraps and cases for these products.


You will find that when it comes to the variety they offer with their wraps, it is pretty good. They have stainless steel, brushed copper, brushed gold, colored carbon fiber wraps, and even wood wraps. You are going to find a lot of other useful accessories as well that the company offers such as screen protectors, clean phone spray, SlickWraps magic mouse, and even trackpads.


A little about the company


SlickWraps is actually a fairly new company, with it being co-founded in 2010 by a man named Jonathan Endicott and that is why they are offering numerous Slickwraps coupon codes. The main corporate headquarters are in Andover, Kansas. Those wishing to do business with the company can do so easily over the internet. The company makes it very easy for customers or people with questions to get in contact with them. You can reach them though email, the phone or through various social networks. The customer service representatives are usually available Monday through Friday from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon.


American owned and operated


One reason why a lot of people like SlickWraps is because all the products they make are made right here in America. So whenever someone buys from them they are getting a duel benefit. They know they are buying something they need, and at the same time they are supporting American made products and the people who make them.


All of the materials they use to make their products also comes from local vendors. The company has state of the art machinery, great quality control, and the company promises that each product someone buys from them is going to be of high quality and produced right here in America.


SlickWraps is a trustworthy company that you can research at the Better Business Bureau website. They have been an accredited company with them since mid summer of 2012. Their rating is an A-. They have very few complaints against them. And the few complaints they do have have all been closed. Most of the complaints revolved around issues with the products or services.


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